IFS Guide
Intensive Freshman Seminars

All 2016 courses and professors

Course Professor
Leaving Teenage Wasteland: Expectations of Adulthood in Literature and Culture Dana Anderson
Becoming American: Immigration and American Literature Clark Barwick
I Feel Your Pain: The Science and Culture of Empathy Fritz Breithaupt
Through the Looking Glass: Theory, Identity and Dress Deborah Christiansen
Global Media at Home and in the World Stephanie DeBoer
Food for Thought: Food Policy and Poverty from Local to Global Andrew Libby
Blood, Babies, and Chainsaws: Femininity and Horror in Popular Culture Jennifer Maher
The Trouble with Medical Miracles: Understanding the Science and Impact of Cloning, Curing Cancer, and Modern Advances in Biology George Malacinski
The Science of Psychoactive Drugs Bruce Martin
The Critical Issue: Philosophy, Film & Music David McCarty
Music, Identity, and Social Life David McDonald
You Can't Say That! Or Can You? The Limits of Free Speech in the United States Michael McGregor
Sustainability: Recreation, Public Lands, and Tourism Rasul Mowatt
Women's Place in Society: Suffrage, Labor and the New Woman in Greenwich Village, 1913 Lisa-Marie Napoli
Psychopaths: Born or Made? Theresa Ochoa
Culture and Revolution in Paris 1850-1900 David Pace
Puzzles and Playful Academy Bret Rothstein
Critical Race Theory in American Sports Gary Sailes
The Rationality of Mental Operations Leah Savion
Function Follows Form: A Molecule's Perspective on Chemistry and Materials Steven Tait
Morality, the Mind, and the Media: A Closer Look at Moral Perspective - Taking Andrew Weaver
The Struggle for Civil Rights: Reacting to the Past Carl Weinberg