IFS Guide
Intensive Freshman Seminars

Orientation & IFS

Because IFS is a brief program that includes a three-credit hour course and many co-curricular opportunities, IFS provides a much deeper jump start to life at IU than is possible during Orientation alone. The Office of First Year Experience Programs provides an outstanding and highly effective summer Orientation experience that includes valuable advising, fall registration, and other key elements that help students and parents to prepare. IFS provides a bridge between what students receive during Orientation with valuable academic and social components that can only occur when students live, learn and have fun together while taking an interesting college course.

Many other programs at IU share our commitment to providing new students a way of finding valuable academic and social opportunities. Unlike other programs, IFS provides daily interaction with some of the best IU professors and upperclassmen (many faculty and student staff are award winning and nationally recognized). Some programs offer courses for credit, some are more closely tied with housing options, and others are aimed specifically at making friends and connections. However, no other option incorporates all of the core areas that students experience, in the same manner as IFS (read our Student Quotes—-they tell the story!).

We hope that you recognize the value in attending IFS, and realize that attending IFS doesn’t exclude students from joining other programs as a “next step.” In fact, we encourage IFS students to look for other opportunities for the fall semester (a learning community, student government, etc). Simply, IFS offers a complete range of experiences in a very short time; this a significant factor when comparing IFS to other programs available to new students.