More than just a course

The IFS experience extends beyond classroom walls! As an IFS student, you will discover a wide variety of events and co-curricular activities.  Each is designed for your enjoyment while supporting your academic success.

Events and co-curricular activities

Tuesday, July 30
International Student Move-in

International students attending IFS will move-in early. During that time, IFS staff will assist international students in completing necessary tasks, such as the English proficiency exam (IAET), TB testing, vaccinations, and purchasing items for your new home on IU's campus.

Sunday, August 4
First Class Meetings with Family

Your seminar professor will hold an introductory class Sunday afternoon for about an hour. Your family is invited and encouraged to attend with you! You will meet your professor and fellow classmates and receive a glimpse of the course content. The specific locations for these meetings will be provided at check-in; your Teaching Intern (TI) will help direct you to the location.

Sunday, August 4
Welcome Festival

The Welcome Festival on Sunday evening is a great time to meet and greet fellow students after your family has left campus. Music, games, and snacks are part of this traditional welcoming event. There will be activities to help you mingle and get to know your roommate, fellow floor residents, and classmates.

Sunday, August 4
First Floor Meeting

On Sunday night all IFS students are required to attend floor meetings to get acquainted with fellow residents and to learn more about the IFS program, residence hall policies, and other important information. Specific locations will be posted at check-in. Your Residence Assistant (RA) will lead the meeting and answer questions you may have.

Wednesday, August 7
Open Mic Night

This first Open Mic Night is a chance for students to show off their talents! Music, dance, group acts, poetry, comedy, and more are welcome. We will gather in a common space to encourage and cheer on fellow students in a fun and lively atmosphere.

Wednesday, August 14
Open Mic Night

This second Open Mic Night not only provides the opportunity for more students to showcase their talents but also to choose the best of the best to perform at the Closing Banquet. Once again, food and fun are provided during this lively event.

Friday, August 16
Faculty Panel

During this presentation and Q&A event, select IFS faculty members talk about IU’s Themester topic from the perspective of their academic disciplines.

Tuesday, August 20
Academic Forum

Most classes have final projects that can be presented and displayed during the Academic Forum. All IFS students are invited to not only present their research in this poster-session event but also to learn about their fellow students’ classes and projects. The Academic Forum is a great way to demonstrate collegiate learning and gain presentation experience as an IU student.

Tuesday, August 20
Closing Banquet

To conclude IFS, we celebrate by enjoying dinner together and ceremonially ending the program before NSO Welcome Week begins. A speaker is invited to wrap up the IFS experience and encourage students as they enter their first year at IU, and the select students are invited to display their Open Mic talent for everyone.