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Learn about the costs associated with IFS and how to pay them


IFS course credits, including tuition, are a part of fall semester enrollment. There is no additional tuition fee. Students generally enroll in 12 to 20 total credit hours for the fall semester, and the IFS course will account for three of those hours. The amounts below reflect the cost for IFS 2020.

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Room & Board

There is no additional fee for IFS room and board. Housing and meal plan costs are included with your academic year housing contract, which will appear on your fall bursar bill.

Program Fee

By submitting an IFS application, you authorize a $135.15 non-refundable program fee to be included on your fall bursar bill.

Additional Costs

Course specific books and supplies may be incorporated into your IFS seminar. Costs vary by course.

IFS Program additional costs
Tuition and FeesIFS is included within the 12-20 credit hour fall semester tuition. There are no additional tuition fees.
Program Fee$135.15


Bursar bill

Your IU bursar bill is generated electronically and made available online. You will be sent an email notification to your IU ( email account when your statement is ready. All IFS charges will appear on your bursar bill.

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