Before IFS

IFS Communications

After you apply to IFS, you can expect the following communications:

  • Early April: Welcome email from IFS is sent
  • Early June: Course enrollment & advising
  • Early July: Communication from your IFS Professor and Teaching Intern including a welcome, course meeting times and locations, and textbook information.

Check your Indiana University email for these updates.

Prepare for virtual week

Your first week of IFS will be virtual. Be available for an intensive experience! IFS virtual instruction will be very different from high school online coursework. You will have a series of online lectures, tours, events, and experiences requiring your full attention. Students taking multiple courses, holding part-time jobs, or maintaining busy non-academic calendars report finding it difficult to succeed in an IFS course. Tips from IFS students: 

"Say goodbyes to relatives and friends before you start IFS. Even though it is virtual, it is your first week with Indiana University!"

"Plan to conclude outside activities including work and volunteering before virtual IFS begins."

IFS Expectations

All IFS students are expected to uphold and follow IU policies. The majority of policies are explained in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. IFS specifically seeks to promote academic integrity, respect for diversity, responsibility for one’s actions, and positive and encouraging living and learning environments.

IFS also supports Culture of Care at IUB. Students are encouraged to care for one another through bystander intervention in order to create safe and healthy campus culture.

Moving to Campus

Getting to Campus

If you are flying into the Indianapolis International Airport, there are multiple transportation options to Bloomington. Here are a few:

Go Express Travel:
Red Tire Taxi:


Residential Living

Indiana University Residential Programs and Services (RPS) is your resource for residential housing including residential applications, placements, billing, etc. RPS offers a great packing guide for your room in the residence hall. Refer to this extensive list for necessary, optional, and prohibited items.

Review RPS's Residential Living Policies and prepare yourself for dorm living. It is helpful to review quiet hours, escort policies, room responsibilities, and safety guidelines prior to arriving on campus. 


Welcome to Bloomington!

The City of Bloomington is a medium-sized city with big-city amenities. Bloomington’s cultural life doesn’t stop with Indiana University. Visitors and students alike can visit the theater, go to a concert in the park, have a meal at a local restaurant, catch a movie, and more! We recommend that you and your family learn more about Bloomington on the Visitor Center’s website.

See the many dining options Bloomington offers! We encourage you to share a meal with your family, celebrating your start at IU Bloomington, before they leave campus.


Reserve your spot

Complete the IFS application to register for IFS 2022.

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