Why you should participate in IFS

IFS welcomes incoming freshmen to Indiana University Bloomington. Through the IFS program, students learn how to engage in college-level classroom discussions and academic expectations. Students adjust to IU Bloomington's campus and make lasting friendships. All incoming freshmen are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities IFS presents.

Learn more about IFS's partnerships with Hudson and Holland Scholarship Program (HHSP), Advance College Project (ACP), Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE), 21st Century Scholars, and International Student Programming with IU's Office of International Services, which further strengthen the student experience.

Get to know campus

Students who participate in IFS receive an early introduction to Indiana University Bloomington by dedicated IFS faculty and student staff peer mentors. Together students discover campus and IU traditions through engaging activities and fun events. IFS students learn their way around campus and become familiar with IU resources, organizations, and student opportunities. Through IFS students quickly develop friendships, comradery, and Hoosier belonging.  

Learn from excellent faculty

IFS courses are led by IU's top faculty, who provide unique course content and engaging instruction. The student-to-faculty ratio is 20:1 or lower, allowing students to develop close connections with professors and classmates. IFS students complete their first fall semester course in August, and IFS credits are counted toward the fall semester course load. This allows students to complete three of their fall semester credits prior to the formal start of the semester. 

New Student Orientation

All IFS students still need to attend New Student Orientation. IFS provides a bridge between what students receive during Orientation and what they experience during their first semester at IU.

Reserve your spot

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