International Students

Your first step to academic excellence

IFS is one of the best ways that international students can begin their college career at IU!  Start your campus experience two and a half weeks early and accelerate your academics by completing a three credit hour course before the fall semester begins. 

IFS students work one-on-one with elite faculty, explore research opportunities, and adjust to campus life.  Learn alongside and develop friendships with other international and domestic students. 

IFS works with the Indiana University Office of International Services to provide a seamless transition for International Students. 

Your success at IU begins with IFS

At IFS, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with a top professor
  • Participate in a small and rigorous college class
  • Learn alongside other ambitious students
  • Explore IU's campus
  • Discover opportunities for leadership, service, and study
Students pose for a photo at Sample Gates

Reserve your spot

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