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In the half century before 1900, revolution swept through almost every aspect of Parisian society and culture. The citizens of the French capital saw war, defeat, a German siege, and a bloody civil war. A city of dark, twisting streets was transformed into the gleaming City of Light that we know today. A cultural revolution swept away the art of the past, as artists from the Impressionists to Van Gogh and Gauguin challenged the norms of Western painting. A new world of technology, symbolized by the Eifel Tower, transformed daily life; battles between advocates of science and religion presaged the conflicts of our own era; the first department stores introduced Parisians to consumerism on a grand scale; and from the counter culture cabarets of Montmartre to the great houses of fashion, Paris was at the forefront of the invention of the modern.

As must be obvious by now, I am fascinated by this period, and I would love to share my love of the city with you in IFS. Those who take the course will have the opportunity to plunge into the world of late 19th century Paris and to observe up close how its citizens experienced an era whose rapid changes resemble our own. In the process you will also have an opportunity to bridge the gap between high school and college and to learn strategies for success at IU that will help you in the years ahead. And, when one day you stroll through the streets of Paris yourself, you will know the place, like an old friend.

If you would like more information about the course or if you would like to see the course website, please email me at, or we could meet for coffee if you happen to be in the Bloomington area.

GenEd Information: Currently approved for the IU Bloomington GenEd SH requirement. See the GenEd Website for more information.

Catalog Information: COLL-S 104 FRESHMAN SEMINAR IN S & H

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Course Instructor: David Pace

David Pace has taught European historian in the Indiana University History Department for 40 years. He is deeply committed to teaching, having won IU's Frederick Bachman Lieber Award for Distinguished Teaching and the American Historical Associations Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award. For more than a decade he has been very actively in the national and international effort to help students succeed in college, and he has presented workshops on teaching and learning in North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. He has a deep love of Paris and its history, and one of his greatest pleasures in life is leading groups of IU students on trips to the French capital.

Culture and Revolution in Paris, 1850-1900

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