S105: The Psychology of College Life

The Psychology of College Life

How should I best studying for exams? How can I manage college stress (and what IS stress, anyway?), What about roommates, classmates, and stereotypes? These and other issues are a reality of college life, and science has the answer to many of your questions. Particularly if you are new to psychology, this course provides an applied introduction to Psychological and Brain Sciences, as we focus on applications to successful student life. This section is for Hudson and Holland Scholars.

In this class we will review basic science, as you critically evaluate your experiences in high school, explore the changes that college brings, and chart a course for your own freshman year, using psychology to plan for a successful freshman year.

The Psychology of College Life will appeal to the motivated student interested in Psychology and Neuroscience. Those who are curious about the science behind commonly-experienced phenomena, and interested in applying scientific findings to live their best life, will appreciate the class. Students will learn our approach to phenomena, the methods we use in the discipline, and the sciences more generally, as well as conceptual material in our field.

Class time will be spent in lecture, demonstrations, self-assessment, group discussion, and project development and presentation. During our time together students will learn experientially as they take a number of self-tests and inventories, develop a custom College Success Plan for their first semester, and work in teams developing a presentation based on psychological research to empirically address a research question, while becoming familiar with the resources of the campus. In just a couple of weeks, this course will give students a real taste of the semester experience! In addition, we will tour some of the jewels of the campus, to increase familiarity and appreciation our Indiana University Bloomington campus.

Instructor Bio

Professor Thomassen ("Dr. T") is on the faculty of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. She is a social psychologist by training, and is a product of Indiana University, with postdoctoral work completed at UC-Berkeley. Dr. T. enjoys introducing students to the field of psychology through community outreach with kids, and teaching introductory courses at IU. She used to spend a great deal of time actually juggling, instead of the metaphorical juggling she does now.