Where will I stay?

Room & Board

As an IFS student, you will stay in one of IU's on-campus residence centers, and enjoy meals at the nearest IU dining facility. When you visit the dining hall you simply need to have your student ID card scanned and the amount will be deducted from the amount of money on your card. Registration for room and board for the duration of IFS is handled when you register for the program. No extra paperwork!


At check-in, you'll finally learn about your new roommate. IFS assigns roommates in a way that maximizes the connection between the residence hall and your seminar—most roommates are enrolled in the same course.

Room details

Your dorm room is furnished! Each dorm comes with twin XL beds (36 in x 80 in), mattress covers, two desks, two rolling file drawers, two desk chairs, two wardrobes, and two storage drawers. You will be responsible for bringing your own bed linens and pillows.

Check out the RPS Guide for a packing list of recommended items.

Your residence hall cannot store furniture, and dorm furniture must remain in the room at all times. Due to the short duration of the program, no modifications of the room are allowed. A fine will be assessed for separated bunk beds.

All IU campus buildings are smoke-free.