21st Century Scholars

Get started with IFS as a 21st Century Scholar

Take advantage of everything Indiana University has to offer with the Intensive Freshman Seminars program. As a 21st Century Scholar you may be eligible to attend IFS with a partial scholarship. Students who participate in IFS have the unique opportunity to move into campus housing early, take a three credit hour class with one of IU’s leading faculty members, and experience some of the exciting activities at Indiana University and in the city of Bloomington. During the two and a half week program, students gain experience in a rigorous college classroom, learn faculty expectations for college-level work, and create lasting friendships with other incoming and current IU students.

Your success at IU begins here

At IFS, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with a top professor
  • Participate in a small and rigorous college class
  • Learn alongside other ambitious students
  • Explore IU's campus
  • Discover opportunities for leadership, service, and study

Connect with faculty

Learn from one of Indiana University's leading faculty members in a small classroom setting. Because IFS classes are small, students have the chance to work individually with their professor and make personal relationships with faculty. With classes in a variety of subjects and unique co-curricular opportunities, there's an IFS class for every type of student. Find out more about our distinctive courses today.

Create friendships

Students who attend IFS aren't just academically successful, they're socially involved too. During IFS, students participate in a variety of activities and events, all while exploring campus and making friends with new and returning IU students. Meet other students at the Welcome Festival, perform a hidden talent at an Open Mic Night, or attend a pizza party with your floor. Experiences at IFS aren't limited to what happens in the classroom. IFS introduces students to the broad range of cultural events, world-class facilities, and international cuisines available on campus and around Bloomington. At IFS, you'll never be bored.

Payment & Fees

The total cost of IFS is based on course tuition, room and board, the program fee, and, for some courses, the cost of textbook(s). The cost for international students includes additional time before IFS in the room and board fee.

Note that the tuition fee for your IFS course is included in the full-time student tuition for your first Fall semester at IU if you register for 9-15 additional credit hours for the Fall semester.


IFS courses count toward the amount paid for fall tuition. Students generally enroll in 12 to 18 total credit hours for the fall semester and the IFS course will account for three of those hours.

Room & Board

The IFS room and board fee is a flat fee based on the number of days you stay on campus. The room and board fee includes a meal plan.

Program Fee

By submitting an IFS application you authorize a $135.15 non-refundable program fee to be included on your fall bursar bill.

2019 IFS cost to attend
Course Tuition & FeesIncluded in full-time enrollment (12-18 credit hours) in Fall semester
Room and Board (includes meal plan)$685.70
IFS Program Fee$132.50
Textbooks and course materialsVaries by course
Total Cost of IFS$818.20
21st Century Scholarship$686.20

Bursar bill

Your IU bursar bill is generated electronically and made available online. You will be sent an email notification to your IU (indiana.edu) email account when your statement is ready. All IFS charges will appear on your bursar bill.

IU Bursar Pay Guide